About Cultivate Your Space

Virtual interior decorator based in Texas focusing on how your space functions and how it makes you feel.

I want your space to be your sanctuary and a source of inspiration—somewhere to breathe in and then to exhale; a place to call home, even if you're on your own.

Hey there! I'm Michelle.

And I'm the founder & lead designer here at Cultivate Your Space.

While I was the kid who rearranged my bedroom, sponge painted my walls, and asked for decorating magazines at the grocery store, interior design as a career path did not feel meaningful enough. The idea of choosing throw pillows felt like something of small impact in the world.

I began my career in non-profit youth work where I supported teens who were aging out of the foster care system. I enjoyed the meaningful work and the impact I was able to make, albeit small.

While working in the non-profit sector, I took a week off to vacation and recover. On that trip I experienced a trauma of my own that caused me to reassess my career path and what was most important to me.

I was assaulted by two men on an international cruise and returned home completely undone. I was unable to take care of anyone else. I fortunately had an amazing support network and was able to take a year to heal in an incredibly intentional way.

I went to yoga and joined a gym of supportive women who let me process my anger physically. I flew to the mountains and saw beauty. I went to weekly therapy and started meditating. I started diffusing essential oils and became a plant mama. I let go of furniture I didn’t love.

And once I cleared what wasn’t serving me, I only filled my living space with keepsakes, furniture, and family heirlooms that filled me with hope—that healed me from the inside out.

My healing happened slowly, over time, with intention of what surrounded me. I strategically created a space around me that promoted healing. It was at this time that I realized I can help others do the same: create spaces that heal.

Whether you’re navigating life after divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, or ready to feel as grounded at home as you do in your power blazer, I’m here to design for you.

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kind words

"Michelle is awesome at what she does and truly brightens the spaces she enters. Her passion for transforming spaces to be the best fit for her client's mental health is inspiring!"

Grace C.  /

"Michelle is an expert at hearing your likes, your dislikes, your needs for a space, and pulling it all together. Her spaces are intentional, purposeful, and functional."

Ashley K.  /

"She has done 6 rooms in my house and each time I am so impressed by how she nails my style, budget, and my family's needs.

Anna J.  /

The Cultivate Your Space Method: what we believe

The Cultivate Your Space Method:
what we believe

Your space holds energy

Whether you're holding onto that old bed frame you slept in with your ex, or maybe it's time for home decor that feels a little bit more grown up, your living space holds energy, just like we do.

Your nervous system craves Safety

And your home should feel like a safe haven and space to retreat—not somewhere that feels like you've got to shelter in place.

You have the power to cultivate your space

You also get to decide how your space serves you (and your family), even if you've outgrown it, are in a new season of life, or you're experiencing a major life transition.

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You probably think I'm just here to design & decorate ...

But that's not what I'm about.

I already know that to do what you do, you've got to be a high-functioning adult. Polished. Professional. Put together.

But sometimes, that comes with a hidden burden that you can't always see: your mental health.

I know you feel like you have to show up like a superhero in the real world. But at home? You're just you, without the cape.

Which means that on any given day, you're probably working through your own "stuff" behind the scenes like anxiety, depression, grief, and even trauma.

As a virtual interior decorator, I want your home to be the safe space and sanctuary that supports you in every season of life.

This is how we do it

Functional space planning

We want your space to serve you and your needs, even if we're choosing spill-proof furniture.

Room-by-Room Intention Setting

We want each room of your home to feel so thought out, it's like we did it that way on purpose.

Damn good design that's truly you

We want your space to capture your style in a way that can't be replicated—that feels as unique as you are.

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my life's mission as a virtual interior decorator

To help highly ambitious people like you create your own sanctuary.