6 Go-To Pieces to Set a Table like a Designer

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Having a beautifully set table can seem unachievable when you have a busy life/kids/job. In fact, it can feel overwhelming even knowing where to begin when it comes to styling the space you eat at every day.

But having a DIY designer table is more than achievable for you, and it doesn’t need to feel like a huge task to add to your to-do list. It can literally take minutes to transform your table into a space you love to look at – as well as eat on!

It all comes down to my 6 go-to pieces, and today I’m going to break everything down for you in a few simple, easy to follow steps. It’s a process I use over and over again in my own home and in my clients’, and to make it even easier for you I’m sharing the exact go-to pieces I use on repeat.

The Pieces

I have a few go-to pieces that I use in every table setting. I’ll vary a few things per the occasion, season, etc, but these are my basic items I pull from:

  1. White plates

  2. Linen napkins

  3. Wood chargers

  4. Simple glassware

  5. Simple Candles

  6. Fresh greens


Why The Pieces Matter

There are a few reasons why I have a core set of basics:

  • It stops decision fatigue

  • I can invest in quality pieces that I’ll use over and over again, rather than buying cheap disposables or things I don’t love

  • They look GOOD

Setting a table shouldn’t feel like a chore. In fact, nothing in your home needs to feel that way. Cultivate what you have.

Change With The Seasons

Where I tend to vary my selections is the napkin color choice and what I add to the tablescape as far as accents. For example, sometimes I’ll add small pumpkins or pomegranates for fall, colorful flower stems in the spring or summer. For special occasions I’ll also sometimes add a table runner.

Tip: Get creative with runners! In the past I’ve used cut fabric, a curtain and a blanket.




When it comes to setting the table, you have a few options for placement. Here a few of my favorites:

  1. Charger, plate, napkin tied on top of the plate, silverware to the side of the plate by itself

  2. Charger, plate, napkin folded to the side with silverware placed on top

  3. Charger, plate, napkin folded on top of the plate will silverware placed on top

I usually decide which option to go with based on how much space is available at the table. I also consider things like will there be large dishes on the table, will there be name place cards  or menus.

Sometimes my decision is simply based on the time I have available to set the table, and that’s fine too!



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