From Frankenstein-ed Furniture to Tuscan Villa

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In this week’s blog, I want to talk to you about my client, Kendall.

She is an entrepreneur, writer, and friend that I met here in Austin and she’s in the process of pulling together her one-bedroom apartment after signing on for Give Me The Vision.

Before working together, Kendall had been renting her apartment for two years, and her decor was cute-ish (her words, not mine!), but nothing really seemed to go together.

Her couch cushions still had post-breakup mascara stains from 5 years ago and cat scratch marks all along the sides

Her rug was too small for her living room, but she couldn’t get rid of it because she thought it was “good enough,” and she didn’t know what size she’d need to buy.

She had a Frankenstein furniture color combo that was giving “coastal mid-century modern farmhouse boho shabby chic”.

Every single lamp in her space was broken, but she’d fixed it up so it still worked, it was just a little lopsided.

I also learned that Kendall thought her style was mid-century modern before working together (just like every other millennial).

Kendall’s Pinterest Board

But after seeing her mood board and an inspo photo she snapped last Fall at a resort she stayed at in Italy (see. this beautiful space below), I could clearly see that her style was more Tuscan.

Kendall’s Inspiration Photo

So when it came time to decide how to redecorate her ENTIRE one-bedroom, I made sure that:

  • Her couch felt lounge-y and her living room was cozy, she could keep up with her daily 2-hour reading habit in a space that feels serene

  • We swapped her dark brown and black furniture pieces in for warm whites and creams and lots of subtle floral patterns

  • Her rug featured this specific shade of blue she loves to balance out all of the new neutrals we were adding (which also looks extremely similar to her inspo photo)

  • Every light fixture was replaced with something more stylish that also provided good, vibey lighting

My Vision For Kendall’s Space

And here’s what Kendall had to say about her experience working with me on Give Me The Vision:

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Michelle. I’m an extremely busy entrepreneur and I don’t have “an eye” for design or personal style. I also didn’t realize how big of an impact my living space was having on my work. I’m a creative that’s fueled by inspiration which is also how I make a living, and yet my living space (where I also work from home 100% of the time) was totally uninspiring.

I don’t think other interior designers could make that connection to how much my apartment was impacting my mental health and my creativity, but I’m so grateful that Michelle did. Give Me The Vision has completely transformed my living space and my life.”

– Kendall C.

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