How To Find Your Own Design Style

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We all have our own unique design style, even if we haven’t quite identified what it is yet. And when you’re cultivating your space it’s super important to spend some time working out exactly what your style is so you can create a space that not only reflects what you like aesthetically, but also feels good to you when you’re in it.

After all, this is your space, so it SHOULD be a reflection of you.

In this week’s blog post I’m walking you through 3 simple steps to find your own style. Once you know it, you can get to planning out that beautiful new space of yours.

Step 1: Start a new Pinterest board

Open up Pinterest and make a brand new board. Start to pin 10-20 spaces that you love. Try not to overthink it, and if you find you want to add a piece of clothing you like you can do that too.

Once you’ve finished step away from your board and take a look at what you’ve pinned. What common themes are there? Are there any colours that really stand out? Is there lots of white space, or pops of colour? Are there are recurring textures? What’s the vibe of the board overall?

2. Take a look at your favorite places

Next take a moment to write down a few of your favorite stores including:

  • The home store you love to shop in

  • Your favorite clothing store

  • Your favorite website

Thinking about these places, what are you drawn to in them? Which one would you rather spend a day in? Is there something especially obvious that you love about these places?

3. Finding your style

Take a look at your Pinterest board and your list of favorite stores and work through which styles have come up from these activities. For example, is it clear from your Pinterest board that you love white walls, pops of green and lots of wood? Or do you prefer darker, moodier spaces, like that clothing store you love to visit with all the dark wood?

Whatever your style, now you’ve got a name for it you’ll be able to do some serious Pinteresting to piece together more ideas and products to create that space that is truly unique to you.

My program Cultivate Your Space: An e-course is designed to walk you through 3 key stages of designing a space you love:

  1. How to find your own style

  2. Interior design basics

  3. My favorite DIY tips

The result? You’ll be able to create beautiful outer spaces that emit an energy than benefit your inner spaces too. The result is transformational. You can buy it here for $35.

Hey there, I'm Michelle!

Interior Decorator in Austin, TEXAS

As the founder and lead interior decorator here at Cultivate Your Space, I'm here to bring you the vision your space—from the baseboards to the ceilings—even if you have no idea at all what your decorating style is.

My job isn't just to design a space you love. I want your living space to be a source of peace, comfort, security, and joy...not just somewhere you lay your head each night.

Most Austin interior decorators only focus on how your space looks—but not me. I care about both how your space functions AND how it makes you feel.

Curating with intention

A guide to Finding Your Personal Interior Design Style

Do you need to buy new decor but aren't quite sure what to call your design style or what to even search for? Download this free guide and discover your signature style, even if you don't have an eye for design.

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