How to Play with Colors, Patterns, and Textures

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While solid colors and patterns can enhance a room, for a truly elevated feel, it’s important to add a blend of patterns and textures which can turn your space into a sanctuary that feels uniquely you.

In this week’s blog, I’ll be demonstrating how to introduce color, texture, and pattern to take your space from ‘meh’ to ‘oh my!’.

When thinking about pulling accessories together in any space in your home, whether it’s a bed, sofa or rugs, I like to consider four things – texture, color , size and patterns. They say that variety is the spice of life and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to incorporating these into a room!


When it comes to dressing a sofa or a bed, I love to mix up the textures. For instance, Consider adding scatter cushions in different materials such as a tactile woven cushion next to a luxuriously soft, velvety one.

Similarly, when styling a bed, you might want to combine a sleek, plain leather headboard alongside a plush fleece throw. This will help create a visually inviting space to relax into.



Changing up color is also an excellent way to pull lots of different elements together and make a space feel unique and individual. Once you have mixed your textures, think about mixing colors too.

So going back to that sofa, try to not only have different textures of cushions on your sofa, add in some different colors too, even different shades of the same color! These add a great variance and can really make a space feel special.

Pattern and Size

Pattern and size kind of go together. If you are switching up your patterns, think about your pattern size with it.

If you are dressing a bed for example, you might want to consider a large grid type duvet cover with a small check sheet underneath. You want to try and avoid too much of the same pattern, like plaid sheets with a grid duvet, which would be a lot of square shapes.

Striped sheets with a square pattern duvet can look amazing, but you want to avoid large patterns together so in this case, you would want to keep the stripes small if you have a large grid pattern on the duvet already.

See what I mean about Pattern and size going together?! Think different pattern, different size and you won’t go far wrong!

While choosing solid colors and matching patterns for your textures can feel like the safe option, you can really up your game by mixing up patterns, textures, colors and styles. As long as you keep these four components in mind, it will make the whole process simple.


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