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This family has two toddlers that were happily separated in their own bedrooms until the influx of toys began to ensue! With more items to keep track of and baby brother getting older, the parents decided to combine the kids into one sleeping room and use the other  room as a playroom.

Check out these before pictures…


This is a small room, so we knew we had to be practical and minimalist about what could be used in the space. I designed the room around the Ikea Toddler sized bunk bed as well as this UH-MAZING West Elm Rug. 


The family has a midcentury and colorful home, so I knew i wanted to tie that into the kid’s space. It’s possible to have both stylish and fun decor for a children’s room! 


Another way I made the space look large was the color block paint on the wall. Now the ceiling looks higher and the space just feels bigger in general.


This dresser was a favorite find and it has ample storage for both small kiddos clothing.


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