A Family Home Office Huddle

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This was a fun travel project I did in Seattle, Washington. The family had this small area in the front of their home, just off their kitchen and eating area, that was prime real estate for a family work station. Thankfully, we finished the project just a month before COVID-19 hit and their entire family of five was forced to work and learn from home. Check out the before pictures…

We knew we wanted to do something fun in that small space to make it stand out and also separate it from the rest of the open room. Of course a fun wallpaper and bold paint color was the way to go! We needed to maximize storage for office supplies, kid’s crafts, and incoming bills and paperwork, but also leave the space beautiful and simple as it is a main view point in the entertaining space.

This CB2 piece was a gold find and we pretty much worked the rest of the room around it.


The DIY work station combining IKEA pieces, some paint, and a few upgrades all came together piece by piece. 


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