Why Our Spaces Matter

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I’ve got an ethos about inner and outer spaces, and it’s what underpins all the work I do here at Cultivate your Space:

Our spaces matter.

We live in 2 different types of spaces: Outer Spaces and Inner Spaces. Our Outer Spaces are where we live and work, where we move around everyday, where we see friends and family.

Our Inner Spaces are within us (our heart, our mind, our soul) and we experience our Outer Spaces through our Inner Spaces. Even though these two spaces are separate, they have an enormous impact on each other.

If your Outer Spaces aren’t lighting up your Inner Spaces, you have control over how to change that. In this week’s blog post I’m walking you through a quick exercise to help you identify what’s working in your Outer Space and what you want to change.

What’s working and what’s not?

So you know you want to make some changes, but what’s going on in your current space? Can you put your finger on exactly what’s not working? Work through this exercise so you can start thinking about your current space in a really detailed, objective way.

  • How do you feel when you walk into the room?

  • How does the lighting make you feel?

  • Does the colour scheme make you feel calm?

  • Is there enough storage?

  • Does your space work for everyone who lives in your home?

  • Are there any furniture pieces you absolutely love (or absolutely loathe?)

Work out what you like about your space and what you want to change. You might find that instead of completely ripping everything out and starting from scratch that you have a few pieces of furniture and decor that you actually love.

How do you want your space to feel?

Before you dive into making changes, it’s important to work out exactly how you want your new space to feel right from the beginning. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What feeling do you want to have in your space?

  • What vibe do you want it to have?

  • How do you want to feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually when you walk in into your space?

Remember that when you’re cultivating a space intentionally it’s really important to get to the nitty gritty before you start slapping on the white paint. Spending time on this exercise will help you to understand yourself better, which means you can create a space that will allow you to thrive.

Want to learn more?

My programme Cultivate Your Space: An e-course is designed to walk you through 3 key stages of designing a space you love:

  1. How to find your own style

  2. Interior design basics

  3. My favourite DIY tips

The result? You’ll be able to create beautiful outer spaces that emit an energy than benefit your inner spaces too. The result is transformational. You can buy it here for $35.

Hey there, I'm Michelle!

Interior Decorator in Austin, TEXAS

As the founder and lead interior decorator here at Cultivate Your Space, I'm here to bring you the vision your space—from the baseboards to the ceilings—even if you have no idea at all what your decorating style is.

My job isn't just to design a space you love. I want your living space to be a source of peace, comfort, security, and joy...not just somewhere you lay your head each night.

Most Austin interior decorators only focus on how your space looks—but not me. I care about both how your space functions AND how it makes you feel.

Curating with intention

A guide to Finding Your Personal Interior Design Style

Do you need to buy new decor but aren't quite sure what to call your design style or what to even search for? Download this free guide and discover your signature style, even if you don't have an eye for design.

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