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We are based in Austin, TX but work with clients NATIONWIDE! That means we can work together to create your dream living space from near and far. Click the button below to schedule your free 15-minute consult call and share some info about your project.

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Alyson L.

"She turned our house that felt like an empty museum into a warm, inviting & beautiful home!"

Michelle is AMAZING! She listens to what your dreams for your space are and helps turn them into a reality. Couldn't be more grateful and will highly recommend her forever!!!

Andrew M.

"Months later, I can't help but look around and love this place that is both beautiful and a reflection of me and my family."

I look around our home now, and it is exactly us. [...] It was awesome to see how she helped bring out our own styles and personalities into our home. Michelle has a gift of making small tweaks to what already exists to make big impacts.

Jenny D.

"Michelle is masterful in her skill of breathing new life into a home and I am so thankful for her work."

Michelle has been instrumental in adding her precision, skill, and style to nearly every square inch of my house. She has demonstrated how a carefully placed lamp, beautiful houseplants, [...] can transform my mood and mental health. Michelle has great style and is able to ask the right questions to help me determine my priorities and style while taking into account my budget.

Adam H.

"Her process was so easy and we loved that it comes with some perks with the retailers we used!"

We hired her to help us with a full remodel of our kitchen, living room,  bedroom, and bathroom. I ended up hiring her for my company's new office & she was equally as helpful. Michelle knows how to stay within a budget and the end results are always beautiful.

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To help highly ambitious people like you create your own sanctuary.