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What’s in the course?

Plotting your Path. (Attention to Intention) A lot of people choose to make changes gradually — whether it’s for reasons of budget or time. That’s great, but too often, people only consider one element, like bedding or wall color, and take the plunge without considering how all the elements of the space will affect each other. This part of the course shows you how to collect your ideas and focus your vision before moving onto the action of styling and renovating. You’ll learn how to make best use of your available budget, and work at your own pace while keeping a cohesive goal in mind. 

Style for Miles. There are some choices for your space which will go the distance in transforming a room. Textiles, color, accessories, oh my! I’ll show you the tried and tested designer techniques for combining textures and hues, balancing organization and beauty, and enhancing even your most mundane shelves.

Renovate! Revitalize! Restore! One of the key strategies to transforming a space without breaking the bank is learning to install some things yourself. We won’t start off with demolishing walls, I promise. You will learn how to hang frames confidently, paint like a pro, put up your own wallpaper, and change out that ugly old wall sconce that makes you cringe. You CAN do it. 

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