How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

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When choosing how to make a bed, you need to think about a whole host of things – does it look like you want to jump into it? Does it look cosy and inviting? Does it look polished and clean? You want your bed to be the place you want to go every night.

In this week’s blog, I’m going to show you how to make a bed go from ‘oh, that’s cute’ to looking like a designer made it using a few simple ideas.

Time for Texture

The great thing with texture and color is that you can swap them around to find what works best for your bed. Matching colors in different fabrics can add depth and make things feel cosy whilst bedding with the same texture in contrasting color can look super eye-catching.

Don’t go overboard with color and texture though. Your bed wants to feel peaceful and help you relax! If you are using texture on a pillow or sham, consider a more neutral color and save the brighter pattern for the main bedding.

I like to create an inviting pillow oasis. On a king size bed for example, I would start with the king shams at the back with three euro shams just in front. Then I’d put another couple of king shams that match the bedding. To finish, I’d add an odd number of smaller throw pillows right at the front. I like to go with three, but one long lumbar pillow or 5 smaller ones work just as well and is less work to make in the morning!

Lets talk Layers

if you live somewhere with varying temperatures (like I do here in Texas!) where it can be hot one day and cool the next, then multiple layers are both a stylish and practical solution.

Layers can be swapped around to create different effects. You could position a quilt across the foot of the bed that could be pulled up and over the duvet when it’s cool or you could place the quilt on the bed with the duvet at the end for a pop of colour. Have a play around and see what works for you!

Minimalist Motif

If you find making the bed a bit of a task ( confession time – i don’t make my bed every day!) a simpler option is to cut down on some of the pillows.

If I am going for less is more, I use 2 co-ordinated shams with some plain white ones – I tend to place the white shams to the front as I love the contrast in colour from the duvet but you can do either.

As I mentioned earlier, just turning back the sheet with the duvet makes such a difference to the look of the bed and it takes seconds to achieve an inviting look.

One more thing

If your bed needs a dust ruffle, then choose a simple bed skirt. I would try to ensure that you co-ordinate it with your bed sheet. so if you go for white bed sheets then make sure the bed skirt is too. These don’t have to be expensive so I would pick the sheets you want first and add the ruffle after.

If you use my tips above, you too can create a bed space that not only looks inviting but also feels like a sanctuary—a place to retreat, unwind, and recharge.


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