A Funky & Functional Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel

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Austin interior designer placing flowers in a vase in a mid-century modern kitchen remodel

I want to talk to you about the mid-century modern kitchen remodel I recently wrapped up for my clients, Jeremy and Jen—who also happen to be my brother and sister-in-law.

What can I say, we like to keep it in the family here at Cultivate Your Space!

Jeremy and Jen wanted a functional kitchen remodel in a way that still captured their style but *also* didn’t impact the resale value of their house.

Which is actually a lot harder than it looks.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel: The Before

An outdated kitchen without enough storage before a functional and modern kitchen remodel.

When it comes to renovating, most homeowners don’t think about things like…

  • Dropping $10k+ on a modern kitchen remodel but making design choices that won’t feel outdated in 2-4 years.

  • Choosing classic finishes that compliment your style, even if you’re going for a more modern look.

  • Creating more space functionality without looking like you tore a page out of an IKEA catalog.

Jeremy and Jen also knew that when you work with me on Give Me The Vision, you get access to my designer-only trade discounts at major retailers at places like CB2, West Elm, Anthropologie, and more. This means that replacing items like light fixtures and other pieces ended up saving them so much, that their Give Me The Vision fee was (basically) covered.

An outdated kitchen before a functional and modern kitchen remodel.

An outdated kitchen without enough storage before a modern and functional kitchen remodel.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel: The After

Here are some of the key things I incorporated into the functional design of this mid-century modern family kitchen remodel:

  • I mapped out a more functional kitchen flow for them and their family with A LOT more storage—including a coffee-making station and pantry.

  • We added even more functional kitchen storage in the kitchen remodel by creating an “appliance garage.” The appliance garage gives them functional storage to keep items like their blender, toaster, and waffle maker. It makes for easy access without needing to have them on display on their counters at all times.
  • We added a phone charging station for their pre-teens to use at night that would also keep them off their phones before bedtime—a win-win!

A mid-century modern kitchen remodel reveal.

Mid-century modern kitchen remodel with wood upper cabinets, black lower cabinets, and white countertops.

Integrated coffee station as part of a mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

Wood upper cabinets and black lower cabinets with white countertops in a mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

Austin interior decorator showcasing new functional kitchen storage as part of a kitchen remodel including an appliance garage and pantry.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel: The Client Feedback

And here’s what Jeremy and Jen had to say about working with me to remodel their (and no I didn’t pay him to say this, just because they’re family):

“I love the way that Michelle is able to hear what we are looking for and then offer direction and expertise in the design that feels a lot more like us.” – Jeremy

“Michelle has great style and is able to ask the right questions to help me determine my priorities and my style while taking into account my budget. Michelle is masterful in her skill of breathing new life into a home and I am so thankful for work.” – Jenny

Austin interior decorator adding flowers to a brass vase on a live edge wood dining table.

Feature stove wall with horizontal slat hood vent and full-wall white tile backsplash in a mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

Black lower cabinets in a mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

Austin interior decorator showing off unique pull-out storage for spices near the stove of a mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

Woman in white short sleeve linen top and jeans grabbing a coupe glass from an integrated dry bar as part of a mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

Dining area with wood table and black leather chairs as part of an open concept mid-century modern kitchen remodel.

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