How to Craft a Simple Christmas

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Hey there, I'm Michelle!

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The big day is nearly here and if you are in last minute panic-mode about getting your home looking festive this year, read on to find out how to accessorize your space quickly and cheaply this holiday season.

Pre Christmas Clear out

One of the biggest things we can do to help our future selves this season is clean out the house BEFORE we accumulate all the things we get for Christmas.

Here are some things to consider when doing a pre-Christmas clean out:

Go through your closets and donate clothes to somewhere local in your community.

Make space in your cabinets. ie throw out things you don’t use anymore…old party decorations, the air fryer you thought you were going to love, the mismatched Tupperware you have slowly acquired…you get the picture.

Devote one hour on a Saturday throwing out and organizing. Doesn’t have to be a whole reset. Just a fine tuning to make space for the new (this is a great tip for the garage which can feel like a huge project all of its own!)

But remember – you don’t have to do it all! Do what you can do. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and tackle what you can in that window. And sometimes when you race against the clock, you get more done.

Think fresh, not fancy

A little fresh garland is a great way to add to your holiday decor. I’ve seen some around town at HEB and Home Depot. It’s a great touch to add to your Christmas table or outside your front door.

A little hack to keep it fresh is to spray it with water. It doesn’t need a ton, but this will liven it up a bit and keep it going through those last few days


Make your own

If you love the idea of a garland but don’t want to buy one, try this super simple dried orange garland.

1. Preheat oven to 180.
2. THINLY slice oranges.
3. Lay out oranges on parchment paper and blot them dry.
4. Place in the oven for 5-6 hours.
5. String together with a needle and thread.
6. Hang and display with greenery.

They’ll last for years to come and you will now officially feel like Marmee from Little Women.



Tree Decorations

You know what never goes out of style? Family heirlooms that have meaning to you.

If they’re special, incorporate them into your home! Yeah Target vintage inspired decorations are cool, but even cooler are your grandma’s actual vintage Christmas trinkets. Plus it’s fun to mix and match the old with the new.



Go Store-Bought

If you’re hosting a gathering, don’t be afraid to go store- bought and add a little personal touch. When I’m running around cleaning my home, gathering gifts, and prepping the house to host, the first thing to go out the window is cooking. Everyone has different priorities, but for me I would prefer to have a beautiful vibey space to welcome guests into and cut back on the food prep- I am not the cook if you hadn’t guessed.

My go to hosting “meal” is a beautiful charcuterie from almost exclusively Trader Joes or Aldi. A simple holiday cocktail specialty of mine is Spiked Cider. You can have a large pot brewing, your home will smell amazing, and there’s very little prep involved. OH and bonus, it’s looks beautiful too.

My Holiday Spiked Cocktail “Recipe”

-Simmer store bought Apple Cider in a dutch oven on the stove

-Thinly slice red apples and place full cloves into the slices.

-Add cloved apple slices, a handful of cinnamon sticks into the warming cider.

-Have whiskey on hand to add a shot or two to each warm glass as your serve your guests, or have them self-serve!



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Hey there, I'm Michelle!

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