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Hey there, I'm Michelle!

And if you're looking to hone in on your design style more, I've got just the thing for you! My free interior design style guide is here to help you find your signature style, even if you don't have an eye for design.


When I started working with Cameron, she was knee-deep in a divorce that meant that she’d be living on her own for the first time in years. 

She’s a licensed therapist who was used to holding space for lots of people during times of major transition, yet her own living space wasn’t the safe place that held her.

The Before

A New Chapter

Light and airy kitchen and living room with two blue chairs and a brown sofa


After she moved into her new place, Cameron also quickly realized that although she had more freedom and creative control of her own life, that autonomy wasn’t always so easy. 

The moving truck she’d unloaded and the boxes she’d unpacked were filled with both joyful and painful memories and she needed new furniture that felt more like her. 

But as I’m sure you know, divorces aren’t just heartbreaking. They’re also expensive.

White and airy kitchen with a dining table and 6 chairs

Signature Decorating Style

Which is why I helped Cameron discover her signature decorating style and how she could incorporate pieces into her new nest that were both stylish and budget-friendly. 

Here’s what I discovered when I worked with Cameron on Give Me The Vision:

A mood board for a living room with a grey sofa, two green chairs, a brown lamp, brown side table and pillows

She has a feminine, almost ethereal style but “rugged boho” is not her vibe—she likes clean and aesthetically pleasing pieces

Her work as a therapist often leaves her holding the heavy stories of everyone else, but as she navigated life after divorce, she needed her own space to heal

The biggest word she wanted her home to feel like is “peaceful,” so that she could feel settled when she laid her head to rest each night

A bedroom with a double bed and a side table with a small plant
A brown drawer with a flower pot on the top and a large circular mirror above

A living room with a grey sofa, TV on the wall, plant on the floor and a standing lamp

Starting Over

What I loved most about working with Cameron though is how—even though she was starting over and had a lot of pieces to buy for her new place—she knew exactly what she wanted to buy (and from where). 

Cameron had a budget in mind and mixed and matched brand new pieces from others that she’d thrifted or found on Facebook Marketplace and in my professional opinion…

It all ended up feeling SO much more like her than if she had just filled a shopping cart at her local Target, just to make sure she had something on the walls. 

Two plants in the corner of a living room next to a large window
A lady hanging plants in a conservatory with two browns chair and a patterned rug

Give Me The Vision

Whether you’re starting over or still discovering your signature style, Give Me The Vision is for you if you’re ready to let go of old energy (yes, even if it’s your toxic ex) and welcome in something new. 

A conservatory with large windows and two brown chairs

“Michelle is fantastic! I know what I like but have never been able to turn that into a space that embodied what I like. She made it so easy. I made a simple vision board showing the colors, styles and vibe I wanted and she took it from there. Before I know it, I had a dream space that was me! I have had her do two houses and two offices and rely on her for all my decorating needs. You will not be disappointed.”  – Cameron

A conservatory with large windows and two brown chairs and lots of plants
A small plant on a table on a floor with a rug

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A dining area with a circular glass table and lots of hanging frames on the wall

Hey there, I'm Michelle!

Interior Decorator in Austin, TEXAS

As the founder and lead interior decorator here at Cultivate Your Space, I'm here to bring you the vision your space—from the baseboards to the ceilings—even if you have no idea at all what your decorating style is.

My job isn't just to design a space you love. I want your living space to be a source of peace, comfort, security, and joy...not just somewhere you lay your head each night.

Most Austin interior decorators only focus on how your space looks—but not me. I care about both how your space functions AND how it makes you feel.

Curating with intention

A guide to Finding Your Personal Interior Design Style

Do you need to buy new decor but aren't quite sure what to call your design style or what to even search for? Download this free guide and discover your signature style, even if you don't have an eye for design.

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