Double bedroom in a bright and airy bedroom


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Hey there, I'm Michelle!

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In this week’s blog, I’m sharing the story of Kelly and Josh’s transition from empty custom-built house owners to couple’s cozy forever home.

Double bed in bright and airy bedroom

His and Hers Styles

Kelly and Josh Garrett are the definition of His and Hers styles that just don’t seem to fit together, no matter how hard they’ve tried. 

Before we started working together, they had just moved into a beautiful custom-built home that didn’t have a lot of furniture or decor. Reason why? 

They couldn’t decide on what to purchase, so they ended up not purchasing anything at all. 

Which was kinda interesting, because individually they both had a decent idea of what their style preferences were. 

But blending their two styles together? Yeah, that was a whole other story. 

I knew that if we couldn’t narrow down what their priorities were and what they wanted their space to look and feel like individually, I wouldn’t be able to give them a list and floor plan. 

Basically, all of the items they’d purchased would be wrong, so we focused on the vision first.

Large bright living room with a TV on the wall and sofas and plants

Focusing On The Vision

Here’s what I discovered once we got to the bottom of it:

  • The problem was never that they were stubborn about getting their style in a room—they’d never seen their styles combined before so they didn’t think it was possible
  • They each wanted different spaces in their home to call their own, but also wanted spaces for them to share together and to host friends and family
  • We blended certain textures and styles together to create something I like to call “soft industrial” which captured The Garrett’s individuality perfectly
A bedroom with two long windows
A brown piano with a mirror above and two plants and a frame on the piano

Blending Two Different Styles

What I loved about this project in particular is how both Kelly and Josh were both represented in the furniture, textures, patterns, and decor inside of their home. 

I know it seems like one person will “win out” and become the blueprint for the style in their home, but as you’ll see in the before and after photos below—that just isn’t true.

A bright and airy living room with two large windows, a TV on the wall and two brown sofas

Crafting A Shared Vision For Your Home

Bringing two people together over different designs and style is always lots of fun.

Knowing that Kelly and Josh now both feel comfortable and happy in their new home together is very rewarding.

If you and your partner have completely different styles and are moving into a new home together or want to redecorate your current home and need my help to bring your separate visions together, book a free consultation

Remember, this is a great to also learn more about your partner’s style and vision.

Hey there, I'm Michelle!

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